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Helping Animal Responsible People Energize & Replenish

H.A.R.P.E.R. HELPER is committed to helping those who help animals restore balance and joy in their lives.   

What would it take to give all the animals the kind of lives that they deserve? How do we work together to attain this vision? The answer to both of these questions can be found within the hearts of the animal advocates and the beloved furry friends who they help.  The key is joy. H.A.R.P.E.R. HELPER will help you uncover the infinite power of joy that is already there on your life-saving and life-enhancing journey of giving to the animals.

H.A.R.P.E.R. HELPER, is a program of  CAP Consultants in Applied Psychology. Clinical psychologists, Mario M. Gallo, Ph.D. & Linda R. Harper, Ph.D. offers workshops, talks and consultations to individuals and organizations who want to become their best and share their unique talents in the world.  Begin within, allow your natural gifts to flow in joy, and  make your unique difference in the lives of people, animals and the world.       

"Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world."

       Tao te Ching   
Coming Soon in 2014--THE POWER OF JOY IN GIVING TO ANIMALS   A book to help animal advocates uncover the gifts of our purposeful journey, replenish our giving hearts, and become our best selves so we can all work together to make a difference!
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