program of Consultants in Applied Psychology, H.A.R.P.E.R. Helper was created by clinical psychologists Mario M. Gallo, Ph.D. and Linda R. Harper, Ph.D. The program offers workshops, talks, and consultation services to individuals and organizations who want to become their best and share their unique talents with the world. 

About H.A.R.P.E.R. Helper
Begin within. Allow your natural gifts to flow in joy, and make your unique difference in the lives of people, animals, and the world. . . . 
For over thirty years, Dr. Mario M. Gallo and Dr. Linda R. Harper have helped thousands of people manage the stresses of everyday life, improve relationships, and become their best selves through individual, marital, and family therapy. One of the main purposes of H.A.R.P.E.R Helper workshops, created and facilitated by Dr. Harper since 2001, is to help passionate givers reclaim a joyful and balanced life and prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. 
H.A.R.P.E.R. Helper & Animal Advocacy 
What would it take to give all the animals the kind of lives they deserve? How do we work together to attain this vision? The answer to both of these questions can be found within the hearts of the animal advocates and the beloved furry friends they help. The key is joy.

H.A.R.P.E.R. Helper is committed to helping those who help animals restore balance in their lives and aid in uncovering the infinite power of joy that is already there on your life-saving and life-enhancing journey of giving to the animals.

Clinical psychologist and lifelong animal advocate Linda Harper  helps  those  who  are sensitive to the 
Mario M. Gallo, Ph.D.'s work focuses on understanding the dynamics of the human personality and recognizing the interpersonal patterns within organizations. CAP explores alternative approaches to decision-making and problem-solving, and working through ineffective and destructive types of communications.

Linda R. Harper, Ph.D.’s current work is designed to help people uncover their own natural inner wisdom so they can fully embrace and experience all that life has to offer to them and all that their unique gifts have to offer to life. With a focus on the present moment, Dr. Harper’s individual consults, talks, and workshops help individuals recognize and let go of the thoughts about the past and the future that are getting in the way of fully experiencing and enjoying the now. As each person listens deeply to both the needs and desires of their whole person—body, mind and soul—one moment at a time, they become their best at what they do, work effectively with others, and contribute to a better world for all living beings.  

As the founder of Blessed Bonds, a foster-based program that helps people keep their pets in crisis, Dr. Harper understands the unique challenges of following one's heart to help animals. Linda has facilitated the monthly pet loss support group for the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association for the past twelve years. She provides onsite workshops for Best Friends Animal Society and leads the Giving Heart Retreat with Faith Maloney at the sanctuary.

Dr. Harper specializes in workshops that address the stress that is unique to the animal lover's journey, including pet loss and grief, and the rollercoaster of emotions that often comes with loving and caring for animals. This series is specifically designed for the individual animal lover, animal welfare organizations, animal care professionals and veterinarian practices.  

Consultants in Applied Psychology (CAP) was co-founded by Mario M Gallo, Ph.D. and Linda R. Harper, Ph.D., both licensed clinical psychologists. CAP's mission is to be an agent for change and involves working with both individuals and organizations. Formats for change include individual consultations and coaching, seminars, workshops, and retreats. Emphasis is on both experiential and informational ways of learning.

Individual consultations and coaching foster a better understanding of the self and one's interactions on both personal and professional levels. Organizational consultations explore how small to medium size groups plan and strategize, resolve conflicts, make decisions, and develop a sense of cohesiveness and wellbeing. The spectrum of leadership styles is examined and developed in both individual and organizational consultations. 

For consultation services or workshop inquiries with Dr. Gallo call 708.423.5330  or for  
Dr. Harper, please e-mail at or call 708.227.5330
Consultants in Applied Psychology
plight of animals face the unique challenges and find the everyday gifts of their life-saving and life-enhancing journey. By learning to balance the needs and desires of their giving hearts, animal advocates can prevent and recover from burnout and ​compassion fatigue and reclaim all the joy already there. It is the infinite and contagious power of joy that is needed to bring us together and create the world we envision for animals and for all living beings.