CAP Publishing, the publishing division of Consultants in Applied Psychology, creates self-help books designed to help people uncover their own natural inner wisdom so they can fully embrace and experience all that life has to offer to them and all that their unique gifts have to offer to life. 

With a focus on the present moment, author and psychologist Dr. Linda R. Harper helps individuals recognize and let go of the thoughts about the past and future that are getting in the way of fully experiencing and enjoying their lives. The works of CAP Publishing teach people how to listen deeply to the needs and desires of their whole person—body, mind, and soul, their innermost essence—one moment at a time so that individuals become their best at what they do, work effectively with others, and contribute to a better world for all living beings.  
See Book Review in March-April 2015 BEST FRIENDS Magazine! (p. 65)

The Power of Joy in Giving to Animals
With a foreword and contribution by animal advocate Faith Maloney, Dr. Harper's newest book aims to help individuals uncover the gifts of their purposeful journey of helping animals, replenish their giving hearts, and become their best as they work toward creating a kinder world for all living beings. Catch the contagious energy of the power of joy in giving to animals!

EAT! Rediscover Your Best Natural Relationship with Food
If you are looking for a best-selling diet book, 
this is NOT it. . . . 

But if you want a simple solution to a troubled relationship with food, look no further. The answer is already within you. A five-step guide will help you access and trust your own inner wisdom. Create and enjoy eating experiences that reflect the life-enhancing relationship with food that you were meant to have. Leave weight-loss focused eating behind forever. You won't look back.  

Other Works by Dr. Linda R. Harper
The Tao of Eating:
Feeding Your Soul through Everyday Eating Experiences with Food

Foreword by Thomas Moore
Give: A Guide to Discovering 
the Joy of Everyday Giving

Foreword by Dr. Dorie 
McCubbrey, Ph.D.
If you are looking for the best way you can help more animals, Read this....
Download the Press Kit below! 
Download the Press Kit below!
Available at AmazonGoogle PlayKobo, iTunes and Barnes & Noble!
Available at AmazonGoogle PlayKobo, iTunes and Barnes & Noble!