Linda currently offers a half-day or full day interactive workshop for animal welfare organizations & animal-care professionals:

 Essential Tools to Empower Every Compassionate Heart for Animals

This workshop can be arranged at your site or at her Palos Park office.

She also gives 1 hour presentations on: 

Keeping the Power of Joy in Working Together for  Animals 

What Animals Teach us About JOY!

Call to discuss what your organization needs.   708.227.5330

Workshops can also be set-up as individualized 2-hour sessions to manage stress, compassion fatigue and burnout at the Palos Park office.  Topics include practicing self-care, managing cumulative grief and dealing with difficult people.  The cost is $225.00 per 2-hour individualized session and can be scheduled at your convenience.   
Loving animals brings immense joy, a sense of purpose and deep fulfillment to the animal lover's heart. The journey with our beloved companions however, also has its inevitable good-byes.  When we experience the loss of an animal friend, it is normal to feel the intense pain of a broken heart, and sometimes even become trapped in grief.  

Led by Dr. Linda Harper, a clinical psychologist and pet loss support group facilitator, this private 2-hour workshop offers innovative strategies for finding your unique way through this difficult time.    Using worksheets, examples and interactive exercises, "Honor your Feelings, Reframe the Story"  will help you restore peace of mind so you can  celebrate that special bond with gratitude, and remember and retell your story with  joy and love.  

WHEN?   Call to arrange a workshop for you (and a significant other  if desired)

WHERE? 11900 Southwest Highway, Suite 201, Palos Park, Il 

HOW? Call Linda at 708.227.5330 or e-mail  

COST?  $225.00 (cash, check or Visa, paypal)

          a 2-hour session  arranged at your convenience

                      A Healing Heart Workshop: 
          Finding the Missing Peace in Pet Loss Grief 

Essential Tools to Empower Every Compassionate Heart for Animals 
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The Village
8:15 to 5:00 pm

Saturday, April 22, 2017

For more information, visit: 

Best Friends National Conference July 2017, Atlantic City, New Jersey
More information coming soon
Dr. Harper facilitates the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association WINGS Pet Loss Support Group along with Dr. Lori Coughlin, DVM, the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM  at the CVMA office  at 100 Tower Drive in Burr Ridge, Il.  

No reservation needed.  The next meeting scheduled is Wednesday, May 3, 2017 No cost, donations go to Chicago Veterinarian Medical Foundation.

  What recent participants had to say about Linda's workshops: 

     "extremely helpful and enlightening" 

      "very thought-provoking.  Loved it. Wouldn't change a thing." 

   "I think the concept of reframing the story of loss is brilliant and can help shift things emotionally and functionally for someone."  
  "Very helpful.  Gave me some strategies for dealing with some recent animal loss."